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We are genuinely committed with your safety and health. It is therefore natural for us, that our mission is making your life easier, safer and better. We are more focused than ever on the complete satisfaction and trust of our customers.


Our Foot Science Center

As even minor irritations can reduce mobility or productivity and increase absenteeism, it is important, under any foot health circumstance, to get advice from a podiatrist - which LAVORO makes available through SPODOS, its Foot Science Center.

After all, as a celebrated proverb says, ‘even the tallest towers begin on the ground’!

SPODOS helps companies to take care of the quality of life of the foot in the work context.


Help to design the most appropriate models for each work environment.


Accompany the production
of each model.


It characterizes the work environments and advises the companies after identifying the needs of each one.


Analyze feet of professional groups (using pressure platform, Spodos Print, and 3D scanning, Spodos 3D).


Supervises its efficiency in situ, to enhance protection rates as well as the foots health.


Recommends the best typology of footwear that suits the challenges of the different professions.


Diagnose pathologies of the foot and suggests therapies.


Encourages training
and awareness activities.


More Comfort
To Your Life

The emotional balance of workers can be affected if their feet are under pressure, friction or other constraints that cause physical or emotional discomfort. The worker who feels pain in the feet may have a decrease in his concentration and be more likely to act in an insecure way or suffer an accident at work.

The incorporation of biomechanical functionalities in our professional footwear (cushioning, stability control and movement control) aims therefore, to give more comfort to your life. In addition the correction of certain anatomical deficits of the feet, privilege their adaptation to the different required biomechanics in day-to-day work, from profession to profession.


Aim To Ensure Protection

Our professional footwear is included in the category of PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) and can be classified into three groups: safety (ISO 20345: 2011), protection (20346: 2004 / And.A1: 2007) and occupational (20347: 2012).

Our models are designed and manufactured to meet a set of specifications according to the category in which they fit and in line with the requirements of Directive 89/686 / EEC, aim to ensure a specific protection of the foot or leg against a set of risks:

Physical Risks : Mechanical, thermal, electrical and radiation.
Chemical Hazards : Heavy metals and liquids.
Biological Risks : Fungi and bacteria.

Our production is certified in accredited national and international laboratories (CTCP, Satra, PFI) and our Quality Management System complies with the requirements of the NP EN ISO 9001: 2015 standard.